148% growth in granting facilities to knowledge-based companies

announced the central bank.

During the eleven months of the year 1401 AD, 1,964 knowledge companies were paid in the form of 54,715 establishments, equivalent to 1,421.9 thousand billion riyals, an increase of 148.8% compared to the eleven months of the year 1400.

According to the report of the Economic Group of the Anna News Agency, quoting the public relations of the Central Bank, the largest facilities in the eleven months of 1401 were provided by the banks of Malat in the amount of 234.8 thousand billion riyals, and a circulation of 189.3 thousand billion riyals and Pasargad were paid in the amount of 172.8 thousand billion riyals.

The total balance of facilities granted by 31 banks to knowledge-based companies at the end of Bahman 1401 equals 1163.7 thousand billion riyals, an increase of 105.4% compared to Bahman 1400.

The largest total balance belongs to Malat (182.3 thousand billion riyals), Tijarah (179.7 thousand billion riyals), and Al-Ahly Bank (112.7 thousand billion riyals).

According to this report, in February 1401, 560 knowledge companies (in the form of 1747 establishments) were paid, equivalent to 146.8 thousand billion riyals, which increased by 281.8% compared to February 1400.

During the month of February 1401, most of the facilities paid by Malat banks were 29 thousand billion riyals, trade amounted to 18.7 thousand billion riyals, and exports amounted to 17.2 thousand billion riyals.

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