Commander of Semnan Province: The field of jihad is an objective duty on the soldiers of the province

According to Semnan Province News Agency, Sardar Hamid Damghani, Commander of Semnan Province Corps, praised the efforts of the unknown martyrs from Semnan Province teams on Saturday during a ceremony commemorating the Health Week in Husseiniya. The vital safety of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in Semnan Province in its Department of Health and Treatment said: The issue of health is one of the basic issues of Islam, and according to accounts, the blessing of health and security is closely related. Reciprocity and development are shaped in the mental health balance.
He said, “For those who work in the health field against heart diseases, such as jihadists, there is a spiritual reward.”
The commander-in-chief of the IRGC in Semnan Province continued to address the issue of the popularity of subsidies and key government measures in the financial sphere: failure.
Referring to the importance of reforming economic culture in society, Sardar Damanghani said: “The spread of economic culture in society is one of the basic economic problems and needs, and by creating a culture in this area, there are distortions such as the local culture. The purchase of basic equipment and extravagance.” In the lifestyle of today’s society
Sardar Hamid Damghani, commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in Semnan province, said: “The Supreme Leader’s order for the necessity of jihad is that the jihad division is an objective task for the soldiers of the province, and we have the correct understanding and nobility.” We have a virtual and real space.
It is noteworthy that at the end of the ceremony, health workers in Semnan Governorate were honored.


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