Allocate special credit for building classrooms and honoring teachers of Loristan

According to Lorestan Mukhabaran, Yusuf Nuri said at a meeting of the Lorestan Board of Education: “The presence in the land of a noble, brave, kind and hospitable people was successful, people who sacrificed more than 6,500 martyrs.” Islamic Republic of Iran.

He stated that one of the goals of his trip to Lorestan Province was to express his gratitude for the strength and kindness of dear teachers, dear principals and intellectual colleagues from various departments of the Board of Education. A tour to listen to issues and issues in the infrastructure sectors. The humanities, education, research, and education departments are discussed in the Education Council.

Regarding the issues raised in this meeting, Nuri said: Some of these issues needed immediate decisions and some needed preliminary investigations, and they were quickly investigated.

The Minister of Education confirmed: On this visit, I received good assistance in various parts of the governorate, including; A special amount has been taken into account in the field of building classrooms and honoring teachers.

He pointed out that some of the issues raised are outside the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education, and said: One of them is the follow-up of part of the school loans affected in the 2017 flood, which must be done through this program. And organizing the budget, let’s follow it to get the results.

Nuri announced that the schools’ problems regarding the shortage of service personnel will be addressed: We have contacted the Employment Affairs Authority to solve the shortage of these employees, and their priorities have been identified.

The Minister of Education announced the process of implementing the plan for classifying teachers and correcting some deficiencies and added, “It is the first time that something starts, there are problems, but all the efforts and desires of my colleagues to publish the ratings are well deserved.”


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