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Issue 42 of “Siro” magazine has been published.

The forty-second issue of the monthly cultural and artistic magazine “Korush” entitled “The Mourning is Epic” was published by the National Museum of the Islamic Revolution and the Sacred Defense.

According to the informants, according to the Public Relations and International Affairs of the National Museum of the Islamic Revolution and the Sacred Defense, Saro magazine has various sections titled “Rahyan”, “Yidman”, “Ravian” and “Dideh Pan”, “The Gift of the Man”. . Created by Translators, each section covers different topics.

Dr. Ali Asghar Jafari’s editorial entitled “Ashouri Kranti” was published in this issue of “Siro” magazine.
In the Yamana Saro section, in the Astana Ashk article; He referred to the shrines of Hazrat Aba Abdullah (peace be upon him) and Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him) in the Martyrs’ Hall, and spoke about the impact of the Islamic Revolution and its fundamental role, and the protection and uprising of holy sites in the air. Husseini. Dominates the halls of the museum.

Marking the anniversary of the struggle against British colonialism, Yadman takes you to the historical city of Delaware in Bushire province, introduces you to this Islamic cultural work in a conversation with the supervisor of “Martyr Rais Ali Dilwari” Pervez Alzabi. The Museum: In another part of Yadman Saro, in a note written by Najma Badr, he defines the National Council Museum of Bahrain, Tehran.

In the narrator’s chapter of this issue of Saro magazine, in an interview with “Abbas Salimi Namin”, director of the Iranian History and Collecting Studies Office, he discussed America’s disgraceful behavior and its role in the Pahlavi era. August 28 riot. In this section, the political life and future of Abul-Hasan Bani-Sadr and Massoud Rajavi are analyzed in the article “Farzam Shum”.

Sarf’s interview with Sardar Ghulam Reza Jalali, “Head of the Passive Defense Organization”, the investigation and the role of the Mujahideen-e-Khalq Organization (the hypocrites) in the crowds of Kurdistan, the failure of the observatory operation, and an analysis of the current situation of the soldiers. this organization. Infamous regulation is another part of the narrator.
In the Observer section, I interviewed Muhammad Reza Farzi, author and director of historical and cultural collections in Banam, focused on the importance of dealing with significant contemporary historical events, including the constitutional movement.

The memory of playing with the scent of Yusuf’s shirt is one of the most important films made about Azadegan Sarfaraz, an Ashurai hair piece after the Islamic Revolution.
Continuing with this publication, in the Dialogue section of Saro, Saro Pressman, Saro Rahyan and Tarjan Saro, analysis of the intellectual flow of constitutionalism and the initiation of justice movements in Iran, the Kurdistan movement, graphic design, posters and war. In Iran during the Islamic Revolution, the culture of the atomic bomb era and the 2006 war in Lebanon were discussed.
It is noteworthy that the 120-page Saro magazine was printed and issued by the National Museum of the Islamic Revolution and the Sacred Defense headed by Ali Asghar Jafari.
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